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Johnsof was founded in Nicosia, Cyprus more than 40 years ago. Today the company is still passionately run by the same family of food lovers dedicated to making authentic contemporary Mediterranean foods. Johnsof still uses only the finest selected ingredients and, not surprisingly, all of our products are made with our passion for quality. Our international range includes long life Mediterranean bakery delicacies, confectionery products, essences and colours, biscuits, chocolates and compound couvertures, spreadables and snacks.

For Mediterranean people, eating is a social event… We love to spend time with friends and family at the dinner table while discussing the day, the food and enjoying each other’s company. Johnsof’s bakery products are flourishing of flavours and taste becomes a real map of everyone. And here in Johnsof you get the most nutritious ingredients for high quality products, made with unique skills and experience. And a simple touch of love that only Johnsof knows how to add, making each product surprisingly unique.


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Ergates Industrial Estates

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