Welcome to the world of JOHNSOF!

A world of excellence in bakery and confectionary products. A world of supreme quality and mouth-watering products.



JOHNSOF became a reality in 1977 from the hands of Mr Pavlos Constandinou, the founder, owner and manager of this dynamic company.



From Parissinos area where the company was originally founded in 1977, it moved to Engomi in 1982



In 1987 the company moves to its brand new technologically advanced factory, in the Industrial Zone Ergates in Nicosia.

Our own brand range

Main Focus

The main focus of our company has historically been the development and distribution of our own brand range across the food industry.

Long life Mediterranean products

Our international range

Our international range includes long life Mediterranean bakery delicacies, confectionery products, essences and colours, biscuits, chocolates and compound couvertures, spreadables and snacks.


Dedication to quality

Our recent acquisition of FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and Lacon organic certification is proof of our dedication to quality in the workplace as well as our products.


Greece , Australia, the United Kingdom and many more

As our company enlarged and became more technologically advanced through the years, we are now proud to satisfy the needs of our multi-cultural consumers. Always based on our traditional recipes inspired by the founder of our company, we produce and supply our products to our loyal clientele, based not only in Cyprus , but also by exporting our products to Greece , Australia, the United Kingdom and many more.

Low fat products

The best for any consumer’s needs

Fulfilling with our promise to provide the best for any consumer’s needs, we have developed a line of low fat products with the same art and diligence that characterises all of our products.

Company Growth

An originally one man business has now grown

An originally one man business has now grown to employ 55 persons, and its turnover is anticipated to increase, as its workforce is rising to 60 persons. Our company places great significance in the well being of our workforce and our constant concern is the provision of a safe workplace.

Company’s reputation

Pioneers in the Cypriot market

Our company’s reputation as one of the pioneers in the Cypriot market is enforced not only by the supreme quality of the raw materials used, but also by the contemporary, healthiest packaging provided for its products.

The future

The second generation of the family

The future of the company is promising, as the second generation of the family of Mr Pavlos Constandinou, is eager to continue the improvement and excellence that made this company the lead in its field, true to its roots but with a continuous will to expand in bringing more satisfaction to its demanding clientele.